"I strive to give your cats the  best care -- in their  own home."

I’m Sylvette diMartino, the founder of The Cat Concierge, and I have been a cat parent for over 30 years.  I also have taken care of family, friends’ and neighbors’ cats on many occasions.  And, I have nurtured some of my cats through illnesses ranging from kidney disease, cancer, diabetes and old age.


Over the years, I’ve had to travel for business, taken extended vacations or simply spent a weekend away.  Sometimes I just needed to have someone take my cats to a vet or groomer.  So I know the importance of being able to call upon a responsible caregiver…someone who will love and care for my cats, who will give me updates on how they are doing and provide peace of mind that my cats are in good hands.


Retired from business, I formed The Cat Concierge to fill a need in our neighborhoods for such a service and to be involved in something I really love…taking care of cats.  My number one goal is the care and safety of your cats.  I know how important consistency is to the well-being of your pets.  I, therefore, strive to keep them in their normal routine as much as possible with the least amount of stress.


I am insured through PETCARE Insurance (www.petcareins.com)