What Clients Say About The Cat Concierge 

"It's great having Sylvette look after Emma when we travel. We can relax knowing Emma is in great hands. Sylvette's been taking care of Emma for years. Highly recommended!"  -Richard and Kathleen-       


"When I returned, Mr. Hugs was as happy as ever and was clearly very well taken care of. He is enjoying his new diet, and I appreciate Sylvette's good advice on how to keep my most wonderful Hugs healthy. I hope she will always be available to be his regular caretaker"  - Stephanie- 


"It was such a relief to have Sylvette take care of our two cats when we go out of town. She was very attentive to their needs and gave us several updates while we were away. We were totally at ease knowing that the cats were in great hands. I recommend her very highly!"  -Meghan-                                                    

"Sylvette was extraordinary in taking care of our kitty. She paid attention to all the intricate details of our his needs. We felt at ease while on vacation knowing that our kitty was in great hands."   -Roey and Rachel-

"I have 4 cats and had been using a pet sitting service with mediocre results until I found Sylvette. Her knowledgeable and caring service really made a difference for me. I knew what a good thing I had found when Sylvette came over for the initial visit, walked right up to each cat and sized them up accurately in an instant. The kitties knew too, because my skittish cat did not even try to run from her, and that NEVER happens! I can now actually relax on trips knowing that my older kitty will get his medication accurately and on time. What a relief!  - Carol -